The ExpreS2 Platform

The ExpreS2 Platform

The capable and flexible ExpreS2 platform is up for almost any protein expression challenge and constitutes the very core of the company.

The platform of choice from discovery to GMP production
Our patented ExpreS2 protein expression system is built for optimal discovery, preclinical development and GMP production of hard-to-express proteins used in vaccines and vaccine-like treatments.

The system is built upon non-viral fruit fly cells and has the ability to quickly establish stable polyclonal pools that provide high protein expression levels. Introduction of the protein to express in the system is conducted through the use of vector DNA containing a constitutive proprietary hybrid promoter.

Proven by world-class research teams
ExpreS2 has been proven to handle some of the world’s most difficult protein challenges, including the expression of proteins for several high-profile malaria vaccines under development. In these projects we work together with development/consortium partners such as Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

Strong and flexible feature set

  • Expresses complex proteins including heterodimers and other multimers1
  • Expressed proteins are very homogenous
  • Easy to access more protein from original producing pool
  • High-yield expression through cloning
  • Very high cell density without aggregation or toxic metabolite2 buildup issues
  • Flexible under various culture and process conditions
  • Suitable for perfusion processes3 using established equipment
  • Reduced risk of human contaminants, compared to other systems in use

Major benefits for ExpreS2 users/licensees

  • High-speed production of difficult-to-express protein expression
  • High quality end products
  • Seamless lab-to-GMP transfer: CMC-fit
  • Ease of scale
  • Reduces need for capital investment

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1) Multimers are proteins composed of two (heteromers) or more non-identical protein chains, compared to monomers that are composed of a single protein chain.
2) A metabolite is an intermediate or end product of metabolism, and in this case an unwanted by-product of the protein expression process.
3) Perfusion is the process of passing fluids through the circulatory or lymphatic system to an organ or a tissue.