The ExpreS2 expression system

ExpreS2 is a non-viral insect cell expression system that quickly establishes stable polyclonal pools that provide high protein expression levels without selection pressure. The system is designed for transient or stable transfections using vector DNA containing a very strong proprietary hybrid promoter.

Key features

  • Expresses complex proteins including heterodimers and other multimers
  • Expressed proteins are very homogenous
  • Easy to access more protein from original producing pool
  • Consistent expression through cloning
  • Very high cell density without aggregation or toxic metabolite buildup issues
  • Flexible under various culture and process conditions
  • Suitable for perfusion processes using established equipment
  • Reduced risk of human contaminants, compared to other systems in use


  • High-speed protein expression
  • High quality end products
  • Seamless lab-to-GMP transfer
  • Ease of scale
  • Reduces need for capital investment

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