Careers at ExpreS2ion

Careers at ExpreS2ion

Do you want to have an impact on the development of new vaccines in major disease areas such as Covid-19, breast cancer, malaria and influenza? Then come join us!

At ExpreS2ion we value our employees' diverse experiences and backgrounds to better understand the needs of global customers, drive innovation and enhance employee engagement.
We are dedicated to create a culture where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected and empowered.

ExpreS2ion is headquartered in Denmark and our domicile is located in beautiful, scenic surroundings in DTU Science Park, Hørsholm.

Why choose us as your next place to work?

At ExpreS2ion you will be met by a team of highly engaged and curious colleagues who are interested in getting to know who you are
- not only professionally but also as a person!

Working here, you'll experience a high sense of:


Having ownership and taking ownership creates a highly committed environment and strong sense of purpose in everything we do.


Openmindedness and freedom of operation built on a trust system describes our working environment. We are self-driven individuals, curious to challenge, knowing there’s not only one way of doing things. We are a flat organization with transparency in management and information flow.


As a scale-up company; We have an ambition to do better – and you’ll get a chance to have your own impact.

Employee Focus

Here at ExpreS2ion we pride ourselves on our highly educated and diverse workforce.
60% of our management team and employees have earned advanced degrees in scientific disciplines, including PhDs.

Our workforce is diversified across gender, age and birth country.