Disease Focus

We use our platform technology to advance innovative therapies within oncology and infectious diseases.

Infectious diseases and cancer are abundant and life threatening

Infectious diseases and oncology impact global health and are still faced with challenges in treatment, drug management, and drug resistance. Ongoing research, innovation, and investments are essential to address these healthcare gaps and improve patient outcomes globally.

The ExpreS2 platform has been validated through Phase III clinical development, providing a testament to its potential to address global health challenges. With its versatility and efficacy, it has become a pivotal player in various stages of clinical trials for diseases like influenza, cytomegalovirus, HER2+ breast cancer, malaria, and COVID-19. Collaborations with renowned institutions underscore its impact, making it a powerful tool in the pursuit of innovative treatments.


New research led by the World Health Organization has found that vaccines have saved an estimated 154 million lives in the past 50 years from 14 different diseases. Most of these have been children under five, and around two-thirds children under one year old. Nonetheless, infectious diseases, communicable as well as non-communicable remain a global health problem. In 2019 alone, these lead to the deaths of no less than 14 million people worldwide.

Source: Shattock, Andrew J, et al. “Contribution of Vaccination to Improved Survival and Health: Modelling 50 Years of the Expanded Programme on Immunization.” Lancet, 1 May 2024, https://doi.org/10.1016/s0140-6736(24)00850-x.