Feasibility studies

ExpreS2ion offers rapid assessment of expression feasibility in the ExpreS2 system by transient screening expression of proteins or protein variants. It can take as little as seven days from transfection-ready DNA to a western blot result. The feasibility studies are structured with go/stop decision points at critical steps.

The flexibility of performing transient expression, at a range of volumes from 96-deep well plates to liter scale, can fast-track protein analytics. This provides fast access to protein, while the stable expressing pools, ready to use in three-six weeks, are the most efficient way of producing larger protein batches.

Our transient screening: Upon receiving proteins or protein variants, we will test which of them that can be expressed in our ExpreS2 platform in seven days. Upon receiving the result, a range of options is open for production of the selected proteins.

Our stable expression screening: Starting with gene(s) cloned into the ExpreS2 vectors, we will test in a transient expression assay how the received protein(s) express, while initiating the stable expression experiment. Within seven days, a go/stop decision is taken, based on the results from transient expression. Upon a “go” decision, results from stable expression will be available within two-five weeks. A go/stop decision at this point will be taken, regarding expansion of protein producing cell pool, possible selection of high expressers in ‘mini pools’ and the needed production volume.

To discuss potential feasibility studies, get in touch with us.