Custom made proteins and reagents

ExpreS2ion has expressed a broad range of complex human, parasite and viral proteins using our ExpreS2 platform, including proteins that have failed in other expression systems. We can also help with a broad range of expression challenges, including heterodimers or trimers, virus-like particles (VLP) and low-expressing proteins, issues with glycosylation heterogeneity or issues with degradation of the protein by cellular proteases.

Stable protein expression

Cell pellets/supernatants or purified protein from liter-scale cultures (shake flasks or bioreactors) can be delivered in as little as six weeks after having the transfection-ready DNA in place. We design the gene constructs in our optimised expression vectors, establish stable cell lines generation and produce the protein, which is verified using western blot analysis. It is possible to receive the unpurified protein(s), but we can also further purify them.

Services offered:

  • Transient expression
  • Medium throughput screening service
  • Establishment of stable expression pools
  • Production re-batching
  • Selection of high-producing mini-pools and monoclonal cell lines
  • Protein purification