ExpreS² Kit


Do you want to establish the ExpreS2 platform in-house? The ExpreS2 platform complements the standard available toolbox for protein expression. Our ExpreS2 kit is available to all our customers globally.

The ExpreS2 kit includes

  • ExpreS2 plasmids, ~25 µg of each (2 x ExpreS2 plasmids, 1 x vector containing GFP)
  • ExpreS2 cells, 2 vials of 250E6 cells each
  • ExpreS2 transfection reagent, 1 ml TRx5
  • Culture media for S2 cells, 1L
  • Plasmid maps and protocols for use

The Kit is accessible through execution of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@expres2ionbio.com.