The ExpreS2 Kit

The ExpreS2 Kit

For biotechnology companies eager to use our ExpreS2 technology in their own projects, ExpreS2ion has put together a complete ExpreS2 kit.

The ExpreS2 platform is a perfect addition to the standard toolbox available to researchers when working with protein expression. Its strong and flexible feature set has been proven to advance even the most challenging projects in various research and development areas.

The ExpreS2 kit is globally available and includes the following:

  • ExpreS2 plasmids
  • ExpreS22 cells
  • ExpreS2 transfection reagent, TRx5s
  • Culture media for S2 cells
  • Plasmid maps and protocols for use

The ExpreS2 kit can be ordered from ExzpreS2ion for technology assessment within a set time period through a material transfer agreement (MTA). Upon achieving successful results, the next step is to sign a license agreement for further use of the ExpreS2 platform.

For more information on how to order the ExpreS2 kit, contact us.