AdaptVac’s VLP technology

Together with its joint venture AdaptVac, ExpreS2ion is developing vaccines that utilises a novel virus-like particle (VLP) technology that can be easily combined with the ExpreS2 system.

A new approach for high safety and efficacy
Virus-like particles (VLPs) represent a significant advance in the development of subunit vaccines, combining high safety and efficacy. Their particulate nature and dense repetitive subunit organisation make them ideal scaffolds for display of vaccine antigens. Traditional approaches for VLP-based antigen display require labour-intensive trial-and-error optimisation, and often fail to generate dense antigen display. To handle these challenges, AdaptVac utilises a split-protein conjugation system to generate stable isopeptide bound antigen-VLP complexes by simply mixing of the antigen and VLP components.

A perfect match to fight diseases from Covid-19 to breast cancer
When combining the ExpreS2 development and production platform with AdaptVac’s VLP technology, it becomes possible to create powerful vaccines to handle a wide range of diseases.

Currently, this approach is being utilised in the development of a new Covid-19 vaccine in the PREVENT-nCoV consortium, in which both ExpreS2ion and AdaptVac participate. Additionally, ExpreS2ion has in-licensed AdaptVac’s preclinical breast cancer vaccine project, and is now developing its lead candidate towards clinical investigations.

More information on AdaptVac’s VLP technology can be found on AdaptVac’s website.