S2 and glyco-modified cell lines

The ExpreS2 platform can be used with proven fruit-fly-derived S2 cell lines, or with ExpreS2ion’s novel cell lines with unique glycosylation1 profiles, such as the HighMan-S2™.

In 1972, Imogene Schneider was able to establish embryonic Drosophila (fruit fly) cell lines, which has since been used for recombinant protein expression. These S2 (“S” for Schneider) cell lines have been proven to be a relevant addition to the protein expression toolbox available to researchers all over the world.

The S2 cell lines are being used in many ExpreS2 projects. They have the following key features:

  • Doubling time of 18-24 hours (both serum-containing and serum-free medium)
  • Cell size is 8-10 µm in diameter
  • Grow well between 5 and 350E6 cells/ml in suspension
  • Grow at 23 ºC to 27 ºC
  • Very robust, compatible with standard lab equipment
  • HighMan-S2™ - ExpreS2ion’s first novel glyco-modified cell line

The company has been able to establish cell lines with unique glycosylation profiles. The first of these products to be offered to customers is the HighMan-S2™ cell line.

For more information on glycoengineered ExpreS2 cell lines, and how to use them together with the ExpreS2 platform to accelerate your development project, please contact us.

1) Glycosylation is the reaction catalysed by glycosyltransferases, which adds carbohydrates site-specifically to another molecule, generally proteins and lipids.