Broad Customer and Collaborator Base

With over 100 currently active or former academic and industrial service and license contracts, the Company has built a large network in the international research community since its inception in 2010. Furthermore, the Company is currently a part of an international research consortia which together has been granted more than an estimated EUR 40 million of non-dilutive public funding. The Company also sells licenses to use the ExpreS2 platform as a whole or in part, thus allowing its clients to participate in or be entirely responsible for the development of the required proteins. The Company sells ExpreS2 test kits and reagents for application as research tools or diagnostics. The Company may also enter into agreements in which the client accepts a quotation and is charged for the development, production, and delivery of research grade proteins, using the ExpreS2 platform.


The Company services both pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. The ExpreS2 platform is equally suited for academic research, analytics, and commercial drug development, both in vaccines and other biopharma fields. The Company’s clients are not limited to any geographic area and are located all over the world. Since its foundation in 2010, the Company has worked with more than 100 clients and partners. The agreements with these clients, which in many cases are world-leading universities, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, have generated significant revenues for the Company over the years. It currently has more than ten major clients. For instance, the Company has out-licensed the ExpreS2 platform for research to Hoffman-La Roche, Imperial College London, and Francis Crick Institute among others, and out-licensed the platform for clinical development to the University of Copenhagen and the Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford, among others.