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ExpreS2ion has grown ambitiously over the last several years and we expect to continue our growth trajectory in the future.

On this page you can see our current job openings. We also encourage you to connect with us or follow the company on LinkedIn, to keep up with the news. We use the platform to advertise our newest job openings.

If you are interested in joining the ExpreS2 team, we would love to receive your application for advertised positions or you can send your CV unsolicited. (please note we will save your profile for six months).

Position Deadline
Upstream Technician April 12th, 2023
Unsolicited Application Continuous

Should you have any questions regarding our vacancies or job opportunities, please get in touch: Contact our HR department.

Always looking out for great talents

Expres2ion has growth rapidly over the last few years and we continue to grow in the future. We will always advertise our newest job openings on LinkedIn, and we encourage you to connect with us to receive updates about new openings.

If you are interested in joining the ExpreS2ion team, we would love to receive your application for the open positions we advertise. You can always send your CV unsolicited through our database on Ofir (please note we will save your profile for six months)

Our recruitment process consists of different steps:

First, we start with a short introduction meeting (online) with the hiring manager and HR. The purpose of this meeting is to hear more about your motivation for joining the company, and of course, we will introduce ExpreS2ion and the job in more detail.

A 2nd meeting will follow shortly after and take place in our office in Hørsholm. The purpose is to go deeper into your qualifications and find the match and potential development areas for you to succeed in the job. Besides meeting the hiring manager and HR again, you will also get a chance to meet some of your potential colleagues and talk to them about everyday work-life.

Maybe our CEO will join this meeting, or we will arrange a 3rd meeting to align expectations and answer any questions that could be left.

Shortly after the 2nd meeting, HR will expect to reach out to 2-3 references and ask to get a copy of your diplomas.

We always try to keep a low-key open approach when interviewing, with the respect that an interview process can be intense, and we truly believe everyone has something to offer.

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