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ExpreS2 utilised in COVID-19 vaccine Phase III clinical trial

In the autumn of 2022, Bavarian Nordic initiated a Phase III clinical trial for the ABNCoV2 COVID-19 booster vaccine, which has been developed using the ExpreS2 platform. This is the first time that ExpreS2 is being tested in Phase III clinical settings, and we are delighted to have reached this important milestone for the platform. We are currently also improving the platform’s ability to be used in volume production for commercial vaccine products.

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Creating next-generation vaccines by solving tough protein challenges

We are a team of highly experienced scientists specialized in protein expression and purification; establishment of cell lines and processes based on a proprietary, non-viral Drosophila S2 cell expression system, ExpreS2.

ExpreS2ion is driven by our passion to utilize the ExpreS2 platform and know-how to solve some of the most critical and unique recombinant protein challenges of our time. Our growing product development pipeline is advanced together with industrial and academic partners, and it includes vaccines and vaccine-like treatments for diseases such as COVID-19, influenza, and several stages of malaria.

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Our stable and flexible ExpreS2 recombinant protein expression platform supports all phases of drug discovery and R&D as well as GMP manufacturing for clinical studies. In some projects, our ExpreS2 platform is used together with our joint venture company AdaptVac’s cVLP technology. cVLP is used to create a focused and strong immune system response by combining a disease-specific antigen (from for example the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus) with a virus-like particle that the immune system reacts strongly to naturally.

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In addition to projects where we are leading or participating in the development, we are also offering a broad set of services covering discovery, pre-clinical development, and GMP production for clinical studies. This enables many more research groups and companies all over the world to benefit from using our ExpreS2 platform and expertise.


Meet ExpreS2ion

Check out ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies in this short video. Making a difference within oncology and infectious diseases - we are excited about the future!

Can-Do is more than just an attitude
ExpreS2ion has proven itself as a company that can solve uniquely difficult protein challenges, in some cases when no one else can. We are immensely proud of our unique ExpreS2 platform and the value it can bring to the world of biopharmaceuticals. When working with us, as a development partner of by utilising our service offerings, we will do our outmost to provide the required proteins quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with superior quality.

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World-class collaboration partners and licensees
We are proud to collaborate with several world-class academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. They include Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford (malaria vaccines), Roche (ExpreS2 licensee), University of Copenhagen (COVID-19 vaccine), Virion/Serion (licensee/provider of ExpreS2-based research products) and Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (malaria vaccine).

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